Dry Riser Inspections

Dry Riser 1Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd work with a number of customers to test, inspect and maintain their dry risers.

You’ll find dry risers in buildings that are 18 metres above the ground, or in low level buildings where the entrance is a considerable distance from the far end of the property, usually 60 metres.

Their purpose is to allow the Fire Service access to large amounts of water in order to fight fires at these buildings, so it is imperative that they are maintained and inspected regularly. Often, dry risers can be damaged by vandalism or neglect so they need to be looked at every six months.

Our dry riser service include:

Visual inspections of all dry risers once every six months to ensure all valves are working correctly

– A wet pressure test once a year. This test will ascertain if there are any leakages in the dry riser pipe work and to ensure that water can be passed through the system under pressure. A pressure gauge is used to record this and ensure it meets the British Standard. During this test, it will become apparent if any part of the system is failing and any problems can be resolved. It is important that the valves remain watertight and the pressure is sufficient, should the Fire Service be called to attend an incident.

Dry Riser 3Our dry riser team are fully qualified and worked in the Fire Service for several decades, so are fully aware of the needs of attending firefighters and the problems they encounter.

To discuss your dry riser inspection needs and get a FREE quote, please e-mail david@tasvalleyfire.com