Fire Extinguishers


Fire Ext - Mix

Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd can guarantee to meet all your fire extinguisher needs.

We will provide the correct extinguishers for your premises or property to ensure you meet government fire safety regulations. We can also arrange to return to service those extinguishers every year to make sure they are in full working order, giving you total peace of mind.

When we visit you to undertake your fire risk assessment,
you’ll be provided Website - Fire Ext Servicing - Nipperwith a fixed quotation for the fire extinguishers you require. You can enjoy total transparency as there will be no hidden costs. New extinguishers will only be supplied after a consultation with the customer and no replacements will be made without their authority.

Our Engineers are trained by BAFE and hold the industry recognised FETA qualifications for servicing and maintenance of firefighting equipment.

Know your extinguishers

waterWater – colour code red

You will probably have seen a water fire extinguisher before as they are widely used, mostly because they are so cost-effective. These relatively cheap models can be used on fires that occur in areas where there are solids such as wood, paper, furnishings and plastic. It is important that you never discharge a water extinguisher on electrical equipment or fires involving flammable liquids.



foamFoam – colour code cream

It will cost a bit more to buy a foam extinguisher, but they serve a dual purpose – making them more versatile than water. With a foam extinguisher you can safely tackle a fire involving solid materials such as wood, paper, furnishings and plastics, and you can also use them to extinguish flammable liquids (petrol, oil, paraffin) that are ablaze. Once again, avoid using these when the fire involves electrical problems.




downloadDry Powder – colour code blue

If you are facing a fire involving flammable liquids, the dry powder extinguisher is the most effective at tackling it. It’s also suitable for use on fires involving solids and gas. It is important to remember that you must isolate the gas supply before you put out a gas fire if possible as they are incredibly dangerous. If you are in a situation where you need to use your dry powder extinguisher, just be prepared for rather a lot of mess!





co2CO2 – colour code black

Finally, the CO2 extinguisher is the one you’d use if faced with a fire involving an electrical apparatus. It will allow you to safely tackle that kind of fire, and can also be used on small flammable liquid fires too.




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