Fire Training


Website - Fire TrainingIt’s crucial that all business have staff who’ve received fire training, in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Fire Service Reform Order. Here at Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd, we can provide comprehensive training for your employees in group sessions, led by our experienced team.




Our courses:

Basic Fire Safety

This course covers the fundamentals of fire safety, and will teach attendees to understand and identify fire risks. They’ll learn about the fire prevention strategies that are used in your premises, how to use the firefighting equipment and be trained to use the fire extinguishers on site. Different types of fire extinguisher are used to fight different sorts of fires. After the course, your employees will be confident about what extinguisher to use, have practical experience using it and be mindful of fire risks in the vicinity. They will also have a clear and full understanding of the fire evacuation procedure specific to your premises.

Fire Marshal Training

As well as receiving full training on the Basic Fire Safety course, the marshal will be given a full guide to their duties during an evacuation. They will thoroughly learn the fire evacuation procedures and their role in ensuring those are carried out in a safe, organised fashion. It’s vital they feel confident and informed as other members of staff will be looking to them for guidance during such an event. Our course will give them the skills and training they need to carry out these crucial duties to the very best of their ability. There will be free advice on setting up a fire marshal document holder, which will include a fire marshal tabard, a checklist of the actions that must be taken during a fire evacuation and the kind of plans that would be useful to hand over to the Fire Service in the event of a fire.

Practical Fire Extinguisher

This short course covers the different types of fire extinguishers and which fires they are used to put out. Confusion over the appropriate method of firefighting could exacerbate the problem. After this comprehensive workshop, attendees will be clear on those different types, and will be given first hand experience of discharging an extinguisher and using it to put out a controlled fire that will be staged by our instructors. They will also be shown an informative film to consolidate everything they have learnt.