Fire Detection – could auto-diallers save you a fortune?

Fire Detection – could auto-diallers save you a fortune-When you buy a fire alarm system, the goal is to keep your personnel safe and has the added bonus of protecting your premises too. But what happens when this top of the range alarm sounds at 3 am to warn there’s a fire, but no one responds. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

That’s why when you plan your fire detection system it’s important to consider these scenarios. Of course, you’ll be considering the well-intentioned advice of architects, the Fire Authority and checking it against Building Control recommendations. However, often the aim of these hi-tech, high-cost systems isn’t life safety – you’ll have that covered in other ways – but property protection.

But taking you back to 3 am, the ringing alarm and no response, what use was shelling out all that money?

The solution is auto-diallers.

Forget the fire alarm systems, if you’ve got smoke and or/heat detection installed, all you now need is an auto-dialler. This clever little device will monitor the building outside working hours, or when the property is unoccupied and in the event of a fire, you’ll get a call. Of course, all the solutions for total fire protection come down to the requirements of the property itself and you may need some other extensions to the fire detection system. But for many buildings and business, auto-diallers are a great solution.

Auto-diallers: the facts

Auto-diallers are available in two types:

LANDLINE: a version that can link into your existing telephone system

MOBILE: a version that links via a mobile telephone, for use in premises that either has no landline facilities or where linking into the landline would prove complicated.

Both types of auto-dialler can store six or more telephone numbers and, when the fire alarm is activated, will continuously ring those numbers until the call is answered. They also have the facility to attach to other devices, like burglar alarms.

Cost of Installation

Here’s even more good news! Once the auto-dialler is installed, there are no additional charges to worry about – no running costs, rental agreements, or ‘call centres’ to pay for.

However, if the auto-dialler is of the mobile phone type, the device (which can also be used to ring in and ring out like a normal phone) will require a dedicated sim card that must be reactivated on a monthly basis.

More Information

If you would like to know more about how we can fit an auto-dialler to your fire detection system and give you that extra level of protection and peace of mind, contact Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd today. We’re always here to help! Tel: 01603 811502 / 0771 4099886 or Email: