Fire Risk Assessments: what you need to know!

riskHere at Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd, we don’t need to employ Mystic Meg to predict the question a customer will ask when approaching us about a fire risk assessment. Quite understandably, they’ll say, “How much will this cost me?” but the answer isn’t numerical at all.

There’s only one proper way to respond, and it’s been the Tas Valley Fire (UK) Ltd way for as long as we’ve been in business. We tell our clients, “It’s not the fire risk assessment that will cost you, it’s the work that may need to be undertaken following any significant findings of that assessment.”

We are well aware that when you take us on to assess the risk of fire at your premises, you are placing a lot of trust in our team. So we work to clear, industry standards, and we take pride the professional promises we can make. So if you are planning to have a fire risk assessment carried out, make sure that whoever performs it is working to these standards. If they don’t, it could be very costly to you.

Our risk assessment rules

–   Our reports are based on PAS 79, a mythology of undertaking Fire Risk Assessments widely accepted by Fire Authorities and throughout the Fire Safety Industry.

–   The report will clarify any findings, not just provide yes or no answers, tick boxes and sweeping statements.

–   If you need work to be done so you can meet an acceptable standard of fire safety, we will advise you on securing cost effective solutions without compromising safety.

–   The report will also advise on which work should be prioritised and on an acceptable period in which it should be completed.

Our risk assessments are completed by David Woodward, MIFireE. David worked as a member of the Norfolk Fire Service for 35 years, has been a Fire Consultant for fifteen years in his own business and is a Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher Engineer. If you would like a no-obligation chat with David about your risk assessment requirements, please contact him at or on 07714099886. Here at Tas Valley Fire (UK) LTd, we are always happy to help!