Tweeting up a storm!


imgresIf I’m honest, it took a while for me to be convinced of the power of social media.

While I love a gadget and I freak out when my iPad battery life gets low, I couldn’t get my head around posting regular updates on Facebook and Twitter. Who would be interested?

But with the arrival of my daughter Kate to the Tas Valley Fire team, things have changed significantly. She and Bev have been hard at work posting all sorts of weird and wonderful things out to our followers – and the great news is, they like it.

Now I understand that what we write on our social media channels doesn’t have to be boring updates or just business, it’s a place for us to let people get a glimpse of Tas Valley Fire from a more personal perspective. As well as keeping everyone up to date with any news, we share lots of interesting stuff about Norfolk, health and fitness, silly jokes, funny stories and plenty of crazy cat videos.

It’s a great way to meet people in the local business community too. We’re now tuned into the #Norfolkhour on Twitter and love finding out what other companies are up to. We’ve made new friends, found out about loads of great events happening in the area and been able to give people some good fire safety advice along the way.

Social media is working out well for us, but we know it can take a while to get established and to feel you are getting the benefit from it. But being active, engaged and ready to answer questions when our customers need them is paying dividends. So log on and check us out on Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to hear all about you.